2015 Hydrant Testing

fire-logoThe Hanahan Fire Department will be performing maintenance and test on the fire hydrants throughout the city from December 7th thru the end of December.  These measures are to ensure the proper working condition, water flow and pressure of the hydrants for the needs water supply during fire suppression.  The testing process also will allow the fire department personnel to maintain their training for proper techniques and hydrant locations to ensure peak performance during emergency calls.  Residents are urged to use caution while approaching testing sites and prepare for personnel near the roadway and standing or flowing water.

Residents should be prepared for the possibility of discolored water in their homes as well as periods of pressure fluctuations during testing in the nearby area.  This discoloration is caused by the disruption of sediments in the water mains while the hydrants are flowed.  Signs will be placed throughout the testing sites as they are scheduled to notify residents of these possible occurrences.  Laundry washing should not be done in areas where testing is being performed.  In the case of garments having discoloration damage, they should not dry the garments and should notify the fire department to receive an additive to rewash them with.  If water is found to be discolored, running the cold water faucet for a period of time will clear up the flow.

We apologize for any inconveniences during this mandatory process.  It is being performed based upon the International Fire Code and standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Hydrant testing is a requirement of the Insurance Service Office (ISO).

Hydrant Schedules

Red = Eagle Landing / Otranto Neighborhoods
Green = Remount Road (west) to Mabeline Road (east) (Old Hanahan)
Blue = Tanner Plantation neighborhoods including North Pointe Industrial Complex


For More Information

Contact Chief Bowers, bbowers@cityofhanahan.com or give the Fire Department a call at 843-554-4221


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