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Road with trash cans

DID YOU KNOW that the City of Hanahan does not own or maintain the roads within Hanahan? There are three types of roads, State Roads, County Roads or Private Roads. The city often gets notifications that there are problems with a sidewalk, a pothole, a drainage issue or similar and our staff reports them to the appropriate party for action. This can be done by citizens as well.

To determine who owns and maintains a roadway, go to and enter the road’s information. That will tell you if it is a SCDOT maintained road. If it is not a SCDOT maintained road, it is most likely a county road although some neighborhoods have private roads.

If it is a SCDOT maintained roadway, sidewalk or drainage issue, you can enter the information on this website:  You may also contact them directly at 843-740-1655 for the District 6 maintenance office in North Charleston. Some parts of Hanahan are maintained by their Berkeley County office in Moncks Corner and that number is 843-761-8481. That office handles Henry Brown Blvd and Tanner Plantation while the rest of Hanahan is serviced from their North Charleston office.

If the road a county road, you can report those issues to the county by visiting their website: The county maintains the roadways in many of the newer neighborhoods in the city while the neighborhood HOA is typically responsible for the sidewalks in the neighborhood itself.

When these issues are reported to the city, staff relays the information and will continue to do so although there is sometimes a lag time created if they are reported after hours or on weekends. By reporting directly, residents can be assured that the issue is being sent to the responsible entity right away — and now you know!

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