Fire Hydrant Testing

The Hanahan Fire Department is conducting fire hydrant testing throughout the city.  The schedule is below.


Hanahan Fire Zone #1 – From Remount Road to Mabeline Road to Henry Brown Blvd – November 1st through November 7th.

Hanahan Fire Zone #2 – Eagle Landing & Otranto neighborhoods – November 8th through November 15th.

Hanahan Fire Zone #3 – Tanner Plantation & Foster Creek Road – November 16th through November 22nd.

From November 23rd – November 30th, the Fire Department will be conducting testing on any areas that had to be bypassed or where weather prohibited testing during the normal schedule.

Why test the hydrants?

Flushing fire hydrants is one of the most important maintenance tasks of a water distribution system.

When fire hydrants are flushed, Fire Department staff is conducting the following.

  • Visible and audible leaks
  • Proper operation of valve
  • Flushing out corrosion & rust
  • Water pressure
  • Turbidity testing – tests amount of dirt in water
  • Color of the water
  • Flow of gallons per minute

If ignored, corrosion and rust can cause problems such as: severe rusty water, reduced water pressure or lower chlorine levels. Replacing water that has been standing in the system with fresh water is especially important in dead-end main areas and low flow areas in the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why is my water pressure is lower than normal?
A.  During testing, water pressure may be lower in some areas.

Q.  Why is my water discolored?
A.  This is temporary.  Let your water run until the water is clear again.  This is caused by the unsettling of rust in the water lines.

Q.  Is the water safe to drink?
A.  Yes.  Charleston Water System will issue a boil advisory if the water ever becomes not safe to drink.

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