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What we do?

The purpose of the Board of Zoning Appeals as provided for by SC State legislation, is to hear appeals of the Zoning Ordinance where due to a hardship or peculiar conditions a variance may be granted. The Board also hears request for appeals to the written decision of the Zoning Administrator if the applicant feels the decision was made in error. The Board is comprised of five citizens and meets on an as needed basis. They serve four year terms. Requests for variances or appeals may be submitted to the Building and Codes Department.


  • Sheri Connolly  (9/13/16 – 9/13/20)
  • David Pelletier (9/13/16 – 9/13/20)
  • Daniel Schlindwein (9/13/16 – 9/13/20)
  • Jennifer Parson (3/14/17 – 3/14/21)
  • Daryl Shorter (3/12/19 –3/12/23)


Meeting Minutes

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