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What we do?

The Design Control Committee is a five member board that has been established to protect and promote the appearance, character, and economic value of the built environment within the Town Center District as directed by the city council. They review and approve or deny, all applications for proposed new developments, major alterations and/or additions to existing developments, architectural and landscape plans proposed for public or private property, architectural and landscape plans proposed by the city or any other public or state agency to construct facilities, foster civic beauty, and strengthen the local economy. The DCC meets on an as needed basis. Members serve a four year term.


  • Steven Dyson   (2/14/17 – 2/14/21)
  • Joey Peters (4/9/19 – 4/9/23)
  • Craig Pagels (4/10/18 – 4/10/22)
  • Jamie Hairfield (4/9/19—4/9/23)
  • Danielle Woodford (4/9/19—4/9/23)

Meeting Minutes

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