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What we do?

The Planning Commission, as provided for by State legislation, is a seven member citizen appointed Commission in place for purposes of reviewing various planning applications such as rezoning requests, zoning ordinance amendments, the Comprehensive Plan, the Capital Improvements Plan, and other items directed by City Council for recommendation for approval or denial. These items are initiated by staff and/or City Council with rezoning requests applied for by property owners. Recommendations from the Planning Commission are considered by City Council for final approval or denial. The Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month. They serve four year terms.

Board Members

  • Pat Eckstine  (2/9/21 – 2/9/25)
  • Carolyn Lackey  (8/13/19 – 8/13/23)
  • Butch Thrower   (2/9/21 – 2/9/25)
  • Marika Kary  (1/8/19 – 1/8/23)
  • Michael Moseley (2/12/19 – 2/12/23)
  • Craig Bennett (2/12/19 –2/12/23)
  • Earl Gurley (7/14/2020-7/14/24)

Public Hearing Input Submission

***To submit your comments, or to request to be contacted by phone during the meeting, please use the submission form linked below.***

Meeting Minutes

  June 7, 2016 - Agenda (41.44 KB)
  March 1, 2016 - Minutes (150.15 KB)
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