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Business License Application

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Tree Removal Application

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Change of Occupancy Request

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Permit Application

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Building Official
Phone: 843-576-5260

Business License Official
Phone: 843-576-5257

Permit Clerk
Phone: (843) 576-5259

[vc_toggle title=”Where do I purchase trash carts?” el_id=”1445000159421-d2c047c2-1b57″]

You can purchase the trash can online here or in person at the Building & Codes office.


[vc_toggle title=”As a homeowner, can I get the required permit(s) to work on my house without a contractor?” el_id=”1445000195158-0428f0b4-a67c”]

Yes, if you or your immediate family members are performing the work and if you will live in your home for at least two years after the work is completed.


[vc_toggle title=”Can a homeowner secure a permit to make alterations on an existing structure?” el_id=”1445000252646-0cbe98ae-3245″]

Yes, if the homeowner is qualified to do the work and resides in the home. However, each project must be approved by the Building and Codes department.


[vc_toggle title=”What permits can a homeowner get?” el_id=”1445000290942-1fc1907d-4c72″]

As a homeowner, you can obtain a building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permit. South Carolina State Law however prohibits a homeowner from obtaining a gas permit and performing the work. A licensed contractor has to get this permit.