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Where can I purchase a trash cart?

Trash carts can be purchased online here.  (note:  trash cans belong to the resident and are not subjected to come with the purchase of a home)

What kind of permits can a homeowner get?

As a homeowner, you can obtain a building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permit. South Carolina State Law however prohibits a homeowner from obtaining a gas permit and performing the work. A licensed contractor has to get this permit.

As a homeowner, can I get the required permit(s) to work on my house without a contractor?

Yes, if you or your immediate family members are performing the work and if you will live in your home for at least two years after the work is completed.

Can a homeowner secure a permit to make alterations on an existing structure?

Yes, if the homeowner is qualified to do the work and resides in the home. However, each project must be approved by the Building and Codes department.



Business License Closure Form 119.00 KB 3087 downloads

Business License Closure Form ...

2018 Model Business License Ordinance 425.14 KB 5243 downloads

2018 Model Business License Ordinance ...

Flood Insurance Assessment 1.13 MB 12431 downloads

Flood Insurance Assessment ...

Program for Public Information 1,021.65 KB 8573 downloads

Program for Public Information ...

Hazard Mitigation Plan 859.15 KB 11881 downloads

Hazard Mitigation Plan ...

Board Application 57.54 KB 16470 downloads

Board Application ...

Appeal for Variance Application 231.73 KB 16368 downloads

Appeal for Variance Application ...

Design Control Committee Application 236.08 KB 13785 downloads

Design Control Committee Application ...

IECC Compliance Form 29.56 KB 14275 downloads

IECC Compliance Form ...

Rezoning Request Application 31.23 KB 8345 downloads

Rezoning Request Application ...
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