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When you enter the courtroom, remain seated until the judge enters the courtroom.  You should stand respectfully when the judge enters and leaves the courtroom.

Remain seated until your name is called.  When your name is called, approach the front of the courtroom.

Guilty pleas will be taken at the beginning of court.  Then cases will be called by each officer scheudled for court in ticket numerical order.  Please be patient and as quiet as possible.  Unnecessary noises will not be tolerated in the courtroom.

Failing to appear for a mandatory court appearance MAY result in a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest.

Each case is different and unique.  The officers, defendants, attorneys, witnesses and victims will all be given an opportunity to give their sworn testimony or make a statement.  Please be patient while the judge is listening to the testimony of others.  You will be given an opporutnity to speak.

If the judge determines the defendant is guilty; the judge will impose a fine and or sentence as established by South Carolina’s Court Administrative guidelines.

If the defendant is found “Not Guilty” or “Dismissed” by the judge, the defendant will be free to leave.

If the defendant is found “Guilty” or pleads “Guilty” then upon review of the defendant’s criminal history, recommendations from the officer, requests from the defendant, etc. the judge will determine the appropriate sentence and fine (plus state mandated assessments).

The judge may require the full amount owed the day of court.  Defendants should be prepared to pay in the form of cash, money order, cashier’s check or credit cards.  No personal checks are accepted.


If any parties to a case should have a qquestion, please feel free to contact the office at 843-576-5262.  Clerks cannot give legal advice.  Additionally, you may not speak with the judge prior to court about a case.  Should you need to contact the officer prior to court, please call the police department at 843-747-5711.

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