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Jury Duty Expectations

You have received your jury summons, which states that you have been selected by law to act as an officer of this court by serving as a juror.

As citizens of South Carolina, and of the United States, each of us has an obligation to make a contribution to the judicial system. Your role as juror, as the “judge” of facts, will require you to carry out your duties attentively, intelligently and fairly.

When you first receive your summons for jury duty, read through the summons, the disqualifications, exemptions, and reasons to be excused from service.  Information will be listed on the front and back of your summons.

Due to a large number of cases being settled, please call the court’s jury trial status update line to check the status of the trial date you have been summoned to appear.

We now provide this number for your assistance:  843-268-0754.  This line will be updated immediately once a trial has been canceled.  Please call this number the day prior to your jury summons date for the latest update on cases.

A written request to be excused may be faxed to the court.  You should list on the request the reasons for wanting to be excused from jury duty and any supporting documents to verify the same.  The court’s fax number is:  843-885-5053

Jury duty is held in the Debbie Lewis Municipal Chambers, 1255 Yeamans Hall Road, Hanahan, South Carolina.  You should arrive no later than 8:45 a.m. and sign in at the court window.  Then please have a seat in the courtroom.

Mitigating Inconvenience

Every reasonable effort will be made by the court to make your service as a juror comfortable and with as little inconvenience as possible; however, plan accordingly before coming to court as you may be in court for quite some time.  Cases set for trial may be postponed or settled just as they are scheduled to begin, which can cause delays.

Please help the court operate more smoothly by being patient and cooperative and by being on time as instructed.  It may happen that during your service as juror you may never be called upon to actually sit in on the trial or a case, but your very presence and availability as a juror is a contribution of great importance.


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