The City of Hanahan rents out different facilities at different rental rates for residents and non-residents.  View the table below for more information.

FacilityCity ResidentNon-City ResidentStaff Required Deposit
Yeamans Hall Gym $50.00 /hr$100.00 /hr1 Staff member hired @ $25/hr $100.00 deposit
Yeamans Hall Gymnasium
Events with Admission Fee
$400.00/ 4 hours
$800.00/ full day
$600.00/4 hours

$1,000.00/ full day

1 Staff member hired @ $25/hr$200.00 Deposit
City Park Gym$75.000/ hrMin. 2 hrs$150/hrMin. 2 hrs1 Staff member @ $25.00/hr$150.00
City Park Gym
Events with Admission Fee
$600.00/4 hrs
$1,000.00 per day
$1,000.00 / 4 hrs
$1,400.00 / per day
1 Staff member @ $25/hr$300.00 Deposit
Senior Center
Multi-Purpose Room
$40.00 /hr$80.00/hr1 Staff member @$25/hr$40.00 deposit
Amphitheater No Admission$300.00/ 4 hr
$600.00 / per day
$600.00/ 4 hr $1,200.00 per dayMinimum of 1 Staff member @$25/hr$100.00 deposit
Amphitheater With Admission$600.00/ 4 hrs $1,000.00/per day$1,000.00/4 hrs $1,400.00/per dayMinimum of 1 Staff member @$25.00/hr$500.00
Picnic Shelter$10.00 /hr
for reservations
$20.00/ per hour
$100 per field per day$200 per field per dayMinimum of 1 Staff member


$100.00 deposit


With Admission

-0--0-50% of admission

Min. 1 Employee


How to rent?

You may contact the Recreation & Parks Department at (843) 266-0723 or email [email protected] for more information. You may click on the facility name above to be routed to that facility page.

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