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The City of Hanahan rents out different facilities at different rental rates for residents and non-residents.  View the table below for more information*EACH RENTAL WILL REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF ONE CITY EMPLOYEE AT A RATE OF $25.00 PER HOUR FOR EVERY 200 PEOPLE AT EACH EVENT OR AT THE DISCRETION OF THE RECREATION DIRECTOR.

(EXAMPLE: for 1000 people expected, 5 city employees will be required at $25 per hour each).

Security and Damage Deposits: A security/damage deposit is due at the time of reservation approval. This deposit may be retained by the City to pay for any damage caused to the park or facility or any costs incurred by the City due to the use of the facility by the applicant’s party. A larger deposit may be required if the City reasonably determines that the risk of any damage to the City property form the event exceeds the minimum deposit. The customer is responsible for any damage to City property that is not covered by the security/damage deposit.

Payment: All payments for the event will be due at the at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards are accepted.

Refund Policy: The City of Hanahan may refund your facility rental fee if for any reason you are not able to fulfill your agreement. You must make your request for a refund in writing.

Refunds will be distributed on a pro-rated basis as follows:

30 days out Full Refund

0-29 days out 50% refund


How to rent?

You may contact the Recreation & Parks Department at (843) 266-0723 or email for more information.

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