Fall Mens Softball  League

2017 Fall Men’s League Schedule
Powehouse  Wood Crew Southern Eagle
Angry Rooster Home Telecom Hit That
Date Time Visitor Home Field
August 29th 7:00PM Southern Eagle Powerhouse 1
8:00PM  Hit That Home Telecom 1
9:00PM Angry Rooster  Wood Crew 1
August 31st 7:00PM  Hit That Angry Rooster 1
8:00PM Southern Eagle  Wood Crew 1
9:00PM Home Telecom Powerhouse 1
September 5th 7:00PM Home Telecom Angry Rooster 1
8:00PM Powerhouse Wood Crew 1
9:00PM Sothern Eagle Hit That 1
September 12th 7:00PM Angry Rooster Powerhouse 1
8:00PM  Wood Crew  Hit That 1
9:00PM Home Telecom Southern Eagle 1
September 14th 7:00PM Wood Crew Home Telecom 1
8:00PM Angry Rooster Southern Eagle 1
9:00PM Powehouse Hit That 1
September 19th 7:00PM Powehouse Southern Eagle 1
8:00PM Home Telecom Hit That 1
9:00PM Wood Crew Angry Rooster 1
September 26th 7:00PM Angry Rooster Hit That 1
8:00PM Wood Crew Southern Eagle 1
9:00PM Powerhouse Home Telecom 1
September 28th 7:00PM Angry Rooster Home Telecom 1
8:00PM Wood Crew Powerhouse 1
9:00PM Hit That Southern Eagle 1
October 3rd 7:00PM Powerhouse Angry Rooster 1
8:00PM  Hit That  Wood Crew 1
9:00PM Southen Eagle Home Telecom 1
October 5th 7:00PM Home Telecom  Wood Crew 1
8:00PM Sothern Eagle Angry Rooster 1
9:00PM Hit That Powerhouse 1
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