The Hanahan Recreation Department Baseball is sanctioned through Dixie Youth Inc.

Registration fee’s are $30 for residents and $50 for non-residents (provided neither state nor national affiliations have rules against non-resident registration).

Upon registration, participants birth certificate is required.

T-shirt and hats are provided with registration fee’s.  For more information in regards to equipment, visit Dixie Youth Inc. website.

Spring registration begins in January.  Fall registration begins in June.

Age Groups

Age GroupsBirth Date Cutoff is April 30th***
Machine Pitch6-8
Dixie Minor9-10
Dixie Major11-12
Dixie Boys13-14

*Must be 4 years of age by March 1st.
**T-Ball is offered in Spring only.
*** Fall registration age cut-off is the following April 30th. 


Registration is only accepted at the available registration dates.  You may register online by visiting our Registration Portal.  To register in person, you may visit the Mabeline Gym at 3100 Mabeline Road, Hanahan.



For more information in regards to Baseball or any other Youth Sports, you can contact our offices at (843) 266-0723 or email our Recreation Coordinators at [email protected]

Standings / Schedules / Rules

2018 Spring Machine Pitch Schedule
Mon. 4/95:45 PMMPRed Sox’sRoyals4
7:15 PMMPTigersCardinals4
Tues. 4/105:45 PMMPAthleticsGiants4
7:15 PMMPRoyalsYankees4
Sat. 4/1411:00 AMMPGiantsAthletics4
12:15 PMMPRed Sox’sTigers4
1:45 PMMPYankeesCardinals4
Mon. 4/165:45 PMMPRoyalsAthletics4
7:15 PMMPCardinalsGiants4
Tues. 4/175:45 PMMPAthleticsRed Sox’s4
7:15 PMMPTigersYankees4
Thurs. 4/195:45 PMMPRoyalsCardinals4
7:15 PMMPRed Sox’sGiants4
Tues. 4/245:45 PMMPGiantsYankees4
7:15 PMMPTigersRoyals4
Thurs. 4/265:45 PMMPGiantsRoyals4
7:15 PMMPCardinalsAthletics4
Mon. 4/305:45 PMMPYankeesRed Sox’s4
7:15 PMMPTigersGiants4
Tues. 5/15:45 PMMPAthleticsYankees4
7:15 PMMPRoyalsRed Sox’s4
Mon. 5/75:45 PMMPYankeesRoyals4
7:15 PMMPTigersRed Sox’s4
Tues. 5/85:45 PMMPAthleticsRoyals4
7:15 PMMPCardinalsYankees4
Thurs. 5/105:45 PMMPRed Sox’sAthletics4
7:15 PMMPGiantsCardinals4
Mon. 5/145:45 PMMPYankeesTigers4
7:15 PMMPCardinalsRoyals4
Tues. 5/155:45 PMMPTigersAthletics4
7:15 PMMPGiantsRed Sox’s4
Thurs. 5/175:45 PMMPRed Sox’sCardinals4
7:15 PMMPYankeesGiants4
Mon. 5/215:45 PMMPRoyalsTigers4
7:15 PMMPAthleticsCardinals4
Tues. 5/225:45 PMMPRoyalsGiants4
7:15 PMMPRed Sox’sYankees4
Thurs. 5/245:45 PMMPGiantsTigers4
7:15 PMMPYankeesAthletics4
Tues. 5/295:45 PMMPCardinalsRed Sox’s4
7:15 PMMPAthleticsTigers4
2018 Spring Dixie Minor Schedule
Tues. 4/106:00 PMCubsOrioles5
7:30 PMIndiansYankees5
Sat. 4/1411:00 AMOriolesYankees5
12:30 PMIndiansCubs5
Tues. 4/176:00 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityCubs5
7:30 PMOriolesIndians5
6:00 PMYankeesAmerican Legion Post 241Park Circle
Thurs. 4/196:00 PMYankeesCubs5
6:00 PMOriolesAmerican Legion Post 241Northwoods
7:30 PMIndiansAchieving Wheelchair EqualityNorthwoods
Tues. 4/246:00 PMCubsOrioles5
6:00 PMIndiansAmerican Legion Post 241Northwoods
7:30 PMYankeesAchieving Wheelchair EqualityNorthwoods
Thurs. 4/266:00 PMAmerican Legion Post 241Achieving Wheelchair EqualityNorthwoods
Tues. 5/16:00 PMYankeesIndians5
6:00 PMCubsAmerican Legion Post 241Park Circle
7:30 PMOriolesAchieving Wheelchair EqualityPark Circle
Thurs. 5/36:00 PMOriolesYankees5
7:30 PMIndiansCubs5
Tues. 5/86:00 PMCubsAchieving Wheelchair EqualityNorthwoods
7:30 PMYankeesAmerican Legion Post 241Northwoods
Thurs. 5/106:00 PMAmerican Legion Post 241Orioles5
7:30 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityIndians5
Tues. 5/156:00 PMCubsYankees5
7:30 PMOriolesIndians5
7:15 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityAmerican Legion Post 241Park Circle
Thurs. 5/176:00 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityOrioles5
7:30 PMAmerican Legion Post 241Cubs5
Tues. 5/226:00 PMAmerican Legion Post 241Indians5
7:30 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityYankees5
North Charleston Recreation Department
Team NameCoachTeam NameCoach
Southern GutterTracy/Melissa FrinkMelfi Plumbing DodgersDon Meade
Cops Athletic ProgramsGreg GomesAchieving Wheelchair EqualityNorthwoods
Manale LandscapingJohn Hayes/MorlandoOakridge Townhouses AngelsCedric Van Buren
Grounded ElectricalMerle JohnsonRestoration Community Church MetsStuart Everidge
PatriotsJohn LopezMH- Youth PowerLerone Johnson
Wescott - 843-767-0782 Pepperhill - 843-552-1664 Northwood's - 843-572-5410 Hanahan-843-266-0723
Tuesday4/10/20186:00 PMOakridge Townhouses AngelsvsRestoration Community Church MetsHanahan 6
Tuesday4/17/186:00 PMRestoration Community Church MetsvsMelfi Plumbing DodgersSan Francisco
Tuesday4/17/187:15 PMCops Athletic ProgramsvsAchieving Wheelchair EqualityNorthwoods
Tuesday4/17/187:30 PMGrounded ElectricalvsPatriotsSan Francisco
Tuesday4/17/187:30 PMSouthern GuttervsOakridge Townhouses AngelsHanahan 6
Thursday4/19/186:00 PMManale LandscapingvsMelfi Plumbing DodgersAtlanta
Thursday4/19/187:30 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityvsSouthern GutterAtlanta
Friday4/20/186:00 PMPatriotsvsManale LandscapingSan Francisco
Friday4/20/187:30 PMCops Athletic ProgramsvsGrounded ElectricalSan Francisco
Saturday4/21/1812:30 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityvsYouth PowerMurray Hill
Tuesday4/24/186:00 PMCops Athletic ProgramsvsRestoration Community Church MetsHanahan 6
Tuesday4/24/187:15 PMPatriotsvsMelfi Plumbing DodgersPepperhill 3
Tuesday4/24/187:30 PMManale LandscapingvsOakridge Townhouses AngelsHanahan 6
Wednesday4/25/186:00 PMRestoration Community Church MetsvsSouthern GutterPepperhill 2
Wednesday4/25/187:15 PMGrounded ElectricalvsAchieving Wheelchair EqualityNorthwoods
Wednesday4/25/187:30 PMOakridge Townhouses AngelsvsCops Athletic ProgramsPepperhill 2
Thursday4/26/187:30 PMManale LandscapingvsAchieving Wheelchair EqualityNorthwoods
Thursday4/26/187:15 PMMelfi Plumbing DodgersvsGrounded ElectricalAtlanta
Saturday4/28/1812:30 PMPatriotsvsYouth PowerMurray Hill
Monday4/30/187:15 PMManale LandscapingvsSouthern GutterSan Francisco
Tuesday5/1/187:15 PMMelfi Plumbing DodgersvsCops Athletic ProgramsPepperhill 2
Tuesday5/1/187:30 PMGrounded ElectricalvsRestoration Community Church MetsHanahan 5
Wednesday5/2/187:15 PMMelfi Plumbing DodgersvsAchieving Wheelchair EqualityNorthwoods
Wednesday5/2/187:15 PMSouthern GuttervsCops Athletic ProgramsPepperhill 3
Thursday5/3/186:00 PMPatriotsvsOakridge Townhouses AngelsHanahan 6
Thursday5/3/187:30 PMManale LandscapingvsRestoration Community Church MetsHanahan 6
Friday5/4/186:00 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityvsPatriotsSan Francisco
Friday5/4/187:30 PMOakridge Townhouses AngelsvsGrounded ElectricalSan Francisco
Saturday5/5/1812:30 PMMelfi Plumbing DodgersvsYouth PowerMurray Hill
Monday5/7/187:15 PMPatriotsvsSouthern GutterPepperhill 3
Tuesday5/8/186:00 PMGrounded ElectricalvsMelfi Plumbing DodgersAtlanta
Tuesday5/8/187:30 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityvsManale LandscapingAtlanta
Wednesday5/9/186:00 PMCops Athletic ProgramsvsPatriotsPepperhill 2
Wednesday5/9/187:30 PMSouthern GuttervsGrounded ElectricalPepperhill 2
Thursday5/10/186:00 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityvsOakridge Townhouses AngelsHanahan 6
Thursday5/10/187:30 PMYouth PowervsRestoration Community Church MetsHanahan 6
Friday5/11/186:00 PMCops Athletic ProgramsvsManale LandscapingAtlanta
Friday5/11/187:30 PMOakridge Townhouses AngelsvsMelfi Plumbing DodgersAtlanta
Saturday5/12/1810:00 AMGrounded ElectricalvsYouth PowerMurray Hill
Monday5/14/187:15 PMRestoration Community Church MetsvsAchieving Wheelchair EqualityNorthwoods
Monday5/14/187:15 PMPatriotsvsGrounded ElectricalPepperhill 3
Wednesday5/16/186:00 PMManale LandscapingvsGrounded ElectricalPepperhill 2
Wednesday5/16/187:30 PMSouthern GuttervsCops Athletic ProgramsPepperhill 2
Thursday5/17/186:00 PMYouth PowervsOakridge Townhouses AngelsHanahan 6
Thursday5/17/187:15 PMMelfi Plumbing DodgersvsManale LandscapingSan Francisco
Friday5/18/186:00 PMRestoration Community Church MetsvsPatriotsPepperhill 3
Friday5/18/187:30 PMSouthern GuttervsMelfi Plumbing DodgersPepperhill 3
Saturday5/19/1812:30 PMSouthern GuttervsYouth PowerMurray Hill
Monday5/21/186:00 PMOakridge Townhouses AngelsvsRestoration Community Church MetsHanahan 6
Monday5/21/187:15 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityvsSouthern GutterPepperhill 3
Tuesday5/22/186:00 PMCops Athletic ProgramsvsMelfi Plumbing DodgersSan Francisco
Tuesday5/22/187:30 PMManale LandscapingvsPatriotsSan Francisco
Wednesday5/23/186:00 PMYouth PowervsManale LandscapingPepperhill 2
Wednesday5/23/187:30 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityvsCops Athletic ProgramsPepperhill 2
Thursday5/24/186:00 PMRestoration Community Church MetsvsOakridge Townhouses AngelsHanahan 6
Thursday5/24/187:15 PMSouthern GuttervsPatriotsAtlanta
Thursday5/24/187:15 PMGrounded ElectricalvsManale LandscapingPepperhill 2
Tuesday5/29/186:00 PMManale LandscapingvsSouthern GutterAtlanta
Tuesday5/29/187:30 PMGrounded ElectricalvsCops Athletic ProgramsAtlanta
Tuesday5/29/187:30 PMMelfi Plumbing DodgersvsAchieving Wheelchair EqualityNorthwoods
Thursday5/31/186:00 PMCops Athletic ProgramsvsManale LandscapingPepperhill 2
Thursday5/31/187:30 PMAchieving Wheelchair EqualityvsPatriotsPepperhill 2
Friday6/1/186:00 PMPatriotsvsMelfi Plumbing DodgersPepperhill 2
Friday6/1/187:30 PMSouthern GuttervsGrounded ElectricalPepperhill 2
Saturday6/2/1812:30 PMCops Athletic ProgramsvsYouth PowerMurray Hill
Monday6/4/186:00 PMPatriotsvsCops Athletic ProgramsPepperhill 2
Monday6/4/186:00 PMGrounded ElectricalvsAchieving Wheelchair EqualityNorthwoods
Monday6/4/187:30 PMMelfi Plumbing DodgersvsSouthern GutterPepperhill 2
North Charleston Recreation Department
2018 Spring
Text North Charleston Recreation Department to 84483 to receive updates and rainouts
Team NameCoachTeam NameCoach
Welcom CabinetsJeremy AllenParker Land SurveyingSean Egnew
DodgersWayne GracePaisano'sKevin Gillner
SCIOLTAChuck McClellanDick's Sporting GoodsJim Tilman
Wescott - 843-767-0782 Hanahan - 843-266-0723 St. Andrews - 843-763-4360
Monday4/30/186:00 PMDodgersvsPaisano'sSt. Andrews
Monday4/30/187:45 PMWelcom CabinetsvsDick's Sporting GoodsSt. Andrews
Monday4/30/186:00 PMSCIOLTAvsParker Land SurveyingWestvaco 1
Wednesday5/2/186:00 PMWelcom CabinetsvsDodgersCathedral
Wednesday5/2/187:45 PMDick's Sporting GoodsvsSCIOLTACathedral
Thursday5/3/186:00 PMPaisano'svsParker Land SurveyingWestvaco 1
Monday5/7/186:00 PMWelcom CabinetsvsParker Land SurveyingWestvaco 1
Monday5/7/186:00 PMDick's Sporting GoodsvsDodgersCathedral
Monday5/7/187:45 PMPaisano'svsSCIOLTACathedral
Wednesday5/9/186:00 PMDodgersvsSCIOLTACathedral
Wednesday5/9/187:45 PMPaisano'svsWelcom CabinetsCathedral
Wednesday5/9/186:00 PMParker Land SurveyingvsDick's Sporting GoodsSt. Andrews
Monday5/14/186:00 PMSCIOLTAvsDick's Sporting GoodsSt. Andrews
Monday5/14/186:00 PMDodgersvsWelcom CabinetsCathedral
Monday5/14/187:45 PMParker Land SurveyingvsPaisano'sSt. Andrews
Wednesday5/16/186:00 PMDodgersvsParker Land SurveyingWestvaco 1
Wednesday5/16/187:45 PMWelcom CabinetsvsSCIOLTAWestvaco 1
Wednesday5/16/186:00 PMDick's Sporting GoodsvsPaisano'sSt. Andrews
Monday5/21/186:00 PMPaisano'svsDodgersCathedral
Monday5/21/187:45 PMDick's Sporting GoodsvsWelcom CabinetsCathedral
Wednesday5/23/186:00 PMParker Land SurveyingvsSCIOLTACathedral
Wednesday5/23/186:00 PMWelcom CabinetsvsPaisano'sSt. Andrews
Thursday5/24/186:00 PMSCIOLTAvsDodgersWestvaco 1
Thursday5/24/187:45 PMDick's Sporting GoodsvsParker Land SurveyingWestvaco 1
Wednesday5/30/186:00 PMPaisano'svsDick's Sporting GoodsSt. Andrews
Wednesday5/30/186:00 PMSCIOLTAvsWelcom CabinetsCathedral
Wednesday5/30/187:45 PMParker Land SurveyingvsDodgersCathedral
Monday6/4/186:00 PMDodgersvsDick's Sporting GoodsSt. Andrews
Monday6/4/187:45 PMSCIOLTAvsPaisano'sSt. Andrews
Monday6/4/186:00 PMParker Land SurveyingvsWelcom CabinetsCathedral
Beginner T-Ball
Team NameWinLoss
Parker Land Surveying Mud Cats
Anna Cusick Realtor Dash
Iron Pigs
Charleston Allergy & Asthma Rock Hounds
Machine Pitch
Team NameWinLoss
Doug Shorter Property Management Realtor Tigers
Anna Cusick Realtor Royals
South Carolina Vinyl Yankees
Family First Chiropractic Red Sox's
Dixie Minor
Team NameWinLoss
Anna Cusick Indians
Taco Loco Cubs
First Construction Management Orioles
South Carolina Vinyl Yankees
American Legion Post 241
Achieving Wheelchair Equality
Dixie Majors
Team NameWinLoss
Oakridge Townhouses Angels
Restoration Community Church Mets
Dixie Boys
Team NameWinLoss
Welcom Cabinets
Parker Land Surveying
Dicks Sporting Goods
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