Case number:  84-10-096

Victim:  Diane W. Stone

Location:  1222 Vienna Woods in Highland Park

Info:  On October 21, 1984, at 456 officers responded to 1222 Vienna Woods.  At first sight it appeared as though a Burglary had taken place, upon further investigation, officers found two victims had been shot.  The first victim, Diane Stone, was found in her bedroom laying face down and was deceased.  The second victim was the deceased 15 year old daughter.  She had also sustained a gunshot wound and was treated on scene and later transported to the hospital.  As of this date, her killer has not been found.  Many people were interviewed in 1984 and many have been interviewed since.  Forensic evidence has been re-sent to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division for further examination and we are waiting on those results.  Any information that can be provided from the public involving this case would be greatly appreciated, so we can bring this killer to justice and give this family the closure they deserve.

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