Case number:  2007-13230

Victim:  Hari A. Singleton

Location:  1726 Remount Road

Info:  On May 28, 2007, at 2:32 AM, officers responded to 1726 Remount Road (Doschers Plaza) in reference to hearing four to six gunshots.  Officers saw the victim running towards them stating that he had been shot.  Before he collapsed and died the victim was able to state “the man in the truck” is who had shot him.  No shell casings were found at this crime scene, so it is believed that the person(s) that shot him were either inside of a vehicle or had a revolver.  It is believed that this murder was over “territory” in the area.  Any information that the public can give involving this case would be greatly appreciated.  The mother of this victim stays in contact with the Police Department for updates from time to time and solving this case would bring that mother the closure she deserves.

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