Case number:  2014-00017613

Victim:  Terrence McNeil

Location:  6203 Old Point Road

Info:  On July 4, 2014, at 4:26AM officers responded to 6203 Old Point Road in reference to a vehicle that had crashed into this residence.  Upon their arrival, it was found that the victim, Terrence McNeil, was deceased in the driver’s seat.  He died from multiple gunshot wounds.  It is believed that there were two shooters that were in the vehicle with victim that got out of the vehicle before it crashed into this house.  Through investigation, it has been found that this murder took place because of gang activity in North Charleston.  The suspects that were named in this case are also the suspects in several North Charleston shootings, robberies and other crimes.  DNA evidence has been sent to South Carolina Law Enforcement Division for processing and we are currently awaiting those results.  There is not enough evidence at this time to arrest any suspects in this case.  Any help from the public with any information that they can provide would be greatly appreciated.  This victim had a family, a mother, father, grandparents and a child of his own who need closure in this death.

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