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Animal Control is unique among Police Units in that it serves and protects both people and animals. People are protected against diseases such as rabies and psittacosis as well as dangerous animals. Animals are protected from cruelty and homelessness, and animals which come into the animal shelters are given a new chance at life with families who adopt from the animal shelter.

If there is an emergency situation regarding an animal then call the Hanahan Dispatch Center at (843) 747-5711.

If you have lost or found an animal then call (843)256-8994 and speak or leave a message with Animal Control Officer Karen Hagood.  She can also be reached by email at   . It is also recommended to contact all animal shelters in the Charleston area as people will sometimes drop off animals at the shelter they know of, not necessarily the shelter nearest to where the animal was found.



Charleston Animal Shelter (843) 747-4849
 Doc Williams Animal Shelter  (843) 761-0683/ (843) 761-5266
 Francis Willis Animal Shelter  (843) 871-3820
Berkeley County Animal Shelter  (843) 719-4210


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