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The Criminal Investigations Division, under the direction of Deputy Chief Michael Fowler, is responsible for the follow-up investigations into various crimes; to include crimes against persons, property crimes and fraud. Investigations is also responsible for conducting crime analysis and the collection, processing and preservation of evidence. The Investigations Unit Commander holds the rank of Sergeant. The unit is comprised of three detectives who are responsible for the following activities:

  • Investigating financial matters such as forgeries, identity thefts, financial transaction card frauds, embezzlement, and employee thefts.
  • Investigating violent crimes by offenders in which a person or business is the victim
  • Investigating burglaries, auto thefts, and other property crimes within the City of Hanahan
  • Preserving, protecting, and processing the evidence of a crime in order to prove or disprove theories presented during the course of an investigation
  • Investigating criminal incidents involving juveniles or individuals with special needs, sexual assault cases, vulnerable adult cases, and certain missing persons and juvenile status offenses
  • Testing marijuana and providing courtroom testimony pertaining to evidence and investigations

Property and Evidence is supervised by the Deputy Chief who is responsible for receiving, cataloging, and filing of pertinent items brought in for evidentiary purposes, found property, and items held for safekeeping.

The Criminal Investigations Division also has one detective who is assigned narcotics investigations. This investigator aggressively targets, investigates, and brings to prosecution those individuals or groups involved in the distribution of illicit narcotics and/or vice operations. Narcotic Investigators are responsible for handling all aspects of drug and vice enforcement investigations, including undercover buys, surveillance, interdictions, forced and fraudulent prescriptions, and executing search warrants.

The Criminal Investigations Division is also responsible for the department’s participation in the Alcohol Enforcement Team Program. The assigned officer reports directly to the Division Commander.  The Ernest E. Kennedy Center serves as the lead agency for the 9th Judicial Circuit’s Alcohol Enforcement Team. Partnerships with law enforcement agencies in Berkeley County allows Ernest E. Kennedy Staff to be more effective in reducing access to and use of alcohol by underage youth. By working in partnership, the following strategies have been implemented in the community:

  • Compliance Checks (sending underage youth into retail establishments to attempt to purchase alcohol)
  • Party Patrols (monitoring communities for underage alcohol parties
  • Traffic Enforcement (routine traffic patrol looking for underage alcohol use)
  • Public Presentations (speaking to youth, parents, businesses and other community members about underage alcohol use.

Commanding Officer

Deputy Chief Michael Fowler currently oversee’s this division.

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