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The Layout

The Patrol Division consists of twenty-two officers that are divided up into four squads and each squad consists of a supervisor, an assistant supervisor and three patrolman. Within the Patrol Division there are four officers are assigned to the departments K-9 program, including four working dogs.

The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to calls for service, conducting traffic enforcement, enforcing the various criminal laws of the State of South Carolina, the city’s municipal ordinances and conduct aggressive crime prevention. The patrol division are the initial responders of the department when an incident has occurred that requires law enforcement intervention. Along with enforcing the various criminal and traffic laws, the patrol division actively conducts code enforcement that targets quality of life violations. The police department has divided the city into four zones and each officer works a respective zone while on-duty. The zone assignments allow our officers to get to know the residents of that zone and work to identify the problems in those areas and work to a resolution.

Lt. Brooks oversees the Patrol division and it’s day-to-day operations.  Some of the responsibilities in commanding the Patrol Division are:

  • Manage Personnel
  • Scheduling
  • Personal Equipment (uniforms, issues items)
  • Internal Affairs
  • Assist Chief in Administration of Police Patrol Budget
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