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About the Unit

The Hanahan Police Department Traffic Safety Unit is comprised of an officer with many years of experience in traffic safety enforcement.

Hanahan Police Department’s Traffic Safety Officer operates radar, conducts DUI enforcement, works collisions and has the ability to reconstruct those collisions.  The Traffic Safety Officer provides statistics to Command Staff using electronic devices, which record traffic flow, patterns, speeds, etc., which is used to determine where a speeding problem may be and it also helps determine where more roads or traffic lights may need to go.  The Traffic Safety Officer also completes a summary of all collisions each month, which helps patrol focus their traffic safety enforcement in those areas.

Traffic Complaint

A Traffic Enforcement Request Form may be submitted when a resident, school official or business owner feels there is a chronic traffic problem. This form may be completed and submitted online.

Please be specific in regard to the day(s) of the week, times and locations the violations are occurring in order to fully address the issue.

Traffic Safety Stats

Month Collisions Warnings Citations
01/2017 16 243 320
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