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Household Waste

Food waste, cans, bottles, paper products, boxes, clothing, VCR’s, microwaves, lamps, fans, vacuum cleaners, mirrors, door glass, etc. are collected on your assigned day. Note: all large glass items must be taped to minimized shatter. The green City-issue dump containers must be used for all items when practical, with a limit of two (2) 96 gallon containers per household or business per week. Boxes must be broken down and tied if necessary. Do not use boxes as containers.

Brown Trash

COLLECTED CITY-WIDE EACH THURSDAY. Includes furniture, mattress/box springs, carpeting/padding, porcelain commode/sink, large plastic toys, etc. Carpeting and padding must be rolled and tied, with rolls not exceeding six feet in length, 24 inches in diameter, and 75 pounds in weight. NO BUILDING MATERIALS (LUMBER ,SIDING, DOORS, WINDOWS, CABINETTES, ROOFING MATERIALS, FLOORING, ETC.) will be accepted with the Brown Trash. See: Building Material Disposal on our site or building material may be taken to The Berkeley County Landfill, contact Berkeley County at 843-572-4400 for further information.

Yard Debris

Vegetation, Including: leaves, grass/hedge clippings, small limbs/branches are collected on your assigned yard waste collection day. All small material must be containerized. Acceptable containers are city-issue dump containers, 32 gallon trash cans with lids, and paper composting bags designed for yard waste collection. Limbs/branches may not exceed 4 inches in diameter, 4 feet in length, and 3 cubic yards, ( pile 4’x4’x5’) in volume per scheduled collection. All yard waste must be placed at the street in an orderly manner, and away from mailboxes, sprinkler heads etc. Collection crews and equipment must be given reasonable access. Yard waste may not be mixed with animal waste, paper, plant pots, rocks, sand, dirt, lumber, landscaping timbers, etc. Cutting a tree requires a removal permit, contact The City of Hanahan Building And Codes Department on this site or call 843-576-5259 for further information. Note: All material generated by the removal of a “whole tree” will be the responsibility of the generator/property owner for disposal. The City will not collect yard waste generated by tree removal.


COLLECTED CITYWIDE EACH FRIDAY.  Washer/dryer, refrigerator/freezer, window AC, dishwasher, push lawnmowers, and other miscellaneous household metals.  Items excluding appliances may not exceed four (4) feet in lengh and seventy five (75) pounds in weight.  All wire must be rolled and tied and placed at the street in an orderly manner.  NO AUTOMOBILE PARTS WILL BE PICKED UP.  No materials that are salvaged metals.

Electronic Scrap

COLLECTED CITYWIDE EACH FRIDAY.  E-scrap collection is limited to the following: computers, computer monitors, televisions, and printers. Other small household type electrical devises should be place in the household waste collection. E-scrap that has been salvaged will not be accepted.


INCLUDES, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO; Mixed waste, automobile parts, building materials, pallets, flammables, lubricating oils, oxidizers, poisons, fertilizers, insecticides, medical waste, paints, liquids, tires, batteries, dirt, sand, gravel, concrete blocks, masonry mixes, pressurized cylinders, central AC units, contractor generated waste, loose waste, or waste deemed to be hazardous/harmful to personnel or equipment.  Salvaged material will not be accepted.

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