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Hanahan among South Carolina Healthiest Housing Markets

The City of Hanahan has been named one of South Carolina’s leading housing markets, sitting in 8th place for 2018.  Financial technology company SmartAssett released the rankings from its fourth annual Healthiest Housing Markets in the United States study and Hanahan made the list.

The study measures market health by the average number of years residents spend in homes, home values, ease of sale and the costs associated with ownership.

The Details

  • Hanahan is currently ranked 8th in the state of South Carolina.
  • Average time lived in home = 12.2 years
  • Average homes with negative equity = 9.5%
  • Average homes decreasing in value = 8.3%
  • Average days on market = 69
  • Home costs as percentage of income = 21.9%


To learn more about the study, view the SmartAsset report here.

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