Public Safety Day @ Fishburne Elementary School

The Head Start program asked Hanahan Police and Fire to come to their Public Safety Day and Fishburne Elementary School.  Children ages 3-5 received from first-hand knowledge on how a fire truck works, what a police dog can do and how all of the lights and sirens work.  It was a great day for not only the children, but for the City of Hanahan Employees that got to attend.

Donation from Walmart helps Hanahan Resident

Thanks to a donation from Walmart, Chief Bowers and Assitant Chief Bargeron; today Tower 2701’s crew installed a device to aid a local resident who has mobility issues.  With this device, the resident is able to get in and out of the recliner without assistance.

Daylight Savings Time & Smoke Detectors 2018

A message from the Hanahan Fire Department in regards to Daylight Savings Time

Message from the Fire Department on Daylight Savings Time: You will want to ensure that you are changing your smoke detector batteries to ensure that you have a properly working smoke detector. 71% of malfunctioning smoke detectors due so because of battery related issues. This is why we urge you to check your batteries and change them twice a year during daylight savings time. If you have any questions or issues with your smoke detectors please contact the Hanahan Fire Department.

Remember to set your clocks back one hour on Sunday, March 11th 2018 at 2:00am.

Fire Department Training on Dennis Drive

This week the Fire Department (Shifts A, B & C) were able to conduct live training on a vacant house on Dennis Drive.  The Fire Department was able to train in the following areas:

  • Search and Rescue
  • RIT ( Rapid Intervention Team)
  • Hose Deployments
  • Roof Operations

Structure Fire: Dickson Avenue

Crews are on scene on Dickson Avenue of an early morning structure fire.  North Charelston Fire Department and Charleston County EMS is also on scene.

Units on scene:  Hanahan E2701, E2702, E2703, M2701, C2701, C2702, B2701; North Charleston T203, E203, FI221, R203, E206, BC206, T202, E210  Charleston County:  Medic 1, Delta 1.

8:26am:  Fire is under control and is currently under investigation.

7:45am:  Hanahan Dispatch Center receives 911 calls related to a structure fire at an apartment building on Dickson Avenue.

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