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Media Release

Public Safety Day @ Fishburne Elementary School

The Head Start program asked Hanahan Police and Fire to come to their Public Safety Day at Fishburne Elementary School.  Children ages 3-5 received first-hand knowledge on how a fire truck works, what a police dog can do and how all of the lights and sirens work.  It was a great day for not only the children, but for the City of Hanahan Employees that got to attend.

Mayor on Flooding Relief

April 2, 2018

Dear Fellow City of Hanahan Residents:

As your Mayor, I have deep concerns for your safety and well-being.  I hear and share your concerns about flooding and disaster-related losses in our community.  In the couple of years our residents have experienced severe losses associated with hurricanes Matthew and Irma and other flooding events.  Consequently, we at the City of Hanahan have been taking steps to help all of us reduce losses associated with flood events and to obtain discounts in flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System.   We will be providing information to you, our residents, throughout the year, as to steps you and your family should take to reduce the potential for flood and other hazard event-related losses and in the event of emergencies. Follow us on Facebook for instant access to information on hazard preparations, emergency procedures, and environmental protection.  We have a reverse 911 system that will call you on your landline, if you have one, with emergency instructions when applicable.  Please also register your e-mail address and/or cell phone number at for our emergency alert system, if you have not already done so, to receive important information from us to help you protect your family and property and to save money on your flood insurance.

There are several steps I urge you to take immediately to help you be better prepared for all types of disasters.  First, determine if your property is in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) by contacting your local government City of Hanahan Building and Codes Department at 843-576-5259 or on line at

Also, purchase or maintain flood insurance regardless of your flood zone, as flooding can occur anywhere.  Your homeowners’ policy most likely does not cover flood losses, but flood insurance is available in Hanahan through your property insurance agent.  Contact your insurance agent today if you do not have flood insurance, as there is typically a 30-day waiting period for flood insurance to take effect, and we could have another flood event any time, and you will not be covered if you do not have flood insurance!

Obtain permits before you build. Permits are required even when the property owner does his/her own work regardless of the monetary amount.  Please comply with our community’s building code and floodplain ordinance to reduce future flood losses and protect yourselves from unintended consequences.  Please contact our Building and Codes Department (843)576-5259, if you have any questions about permit or code requirements, or need a site visit to provide technical assistance with a flooding problem. This office also maintains flood elevation certificates on properties in Hanahan for review by interested parties. We have set up an online, searchable database for elevation certificates that we have on-file. Please visit to see if you can locate an elevation certificate for the property first. Have a new elevation certificate? Please drop off a copy at the office and we will maintain it online for you.

Preserve wetlands, as these protect against flooding, clean the water, and provide a habitat for wildlife.  Keep ditches free of trash and yard debris preventing clogging and flooding.  Our stream dumping ordinance prohibits dumping items in the drainage system. Report drainage problems or illegal dumping in the drainage system to Berkeley County (843-719-4195) or the S.C. Department of Transportation (843-740-1655).  Be sure trees and shrubs around your home are well trimmed.

Create an emergency kit with a large flashlight, battery powered radio, spare batteries and more. Go to or for more details.  Listen to the media regarding hurricane season and proper preparations.  If flooding has occurred, be alert for washed-out roads and bridges.  Do not drive into flooded areas or roads.

I encourage you to take these important steps to protect yourselves, your family and your property.  The City of Hanahan is here to help you.  Please help us by making sure you receive our informational messages by providing us with contact information and following us on social media.  Thank you.



Minnie Newman, Mayor


CC: John Cribb, Administrator

Larry Sturdivant, Building Official

Structure Fire: Dickson Avenue

Crews are on scene on Dickson Avenue of an early morning structure fire.  North Charelston Fire Department and Charleston County EMS is also on scene.

Units on scene:  Hanahan E2701, E2702, E2703, M2701, C2701, C2702, B2701; North Charleston T203, E203, FI221, R203, E206, BC206, T202, E210  Charleston County:  Medic 1, Delta 1.

8:26am:  Fire is under control and is currently under investigation.

7:45am:  Hanahan Dispatch Center receives 911 calls related to a structure fire at an apartment building on Dickson Avenue.

K9 Vest Donation

The Hanahan Police Department wants to thank A.T.P. Gun Shop and their staff for donating a bullet proof vest to our K9 Unit. Just like our two-legged officers, our four-legged officers are also issued body armor to protect them. This vest has been issued to K9 Maverick and he took a few minutes out of his training today at the City of Hanahan Amphitheater to model his new body armor. Once again, thank you to A.T.P. Gun Shop for your generous donation to our K9 Unit.

Chief Dennis Turner

Police K9 Bear Injury

Yesterday, January 29th 2018, one of the Hanahan Police Department’s working dogs, Bear –who is 14 months old and is a Malinois / Shephard mix, was injured in a training exercise.  Bear was training with other local K9 units from the area when he stepped on a vase that was broken.

Bear severed a tendon in his rear paw and cut his front paw on pieces of the broken vase.  Bear has undergone surgery and is currently at home with his handler healing.

Please keep Bear and his handler in your thoughts and prayers while he’s healing.

Structure Fire: South Pointe Apartments

Release:  At approximately 5:55pm the Hanahan Fire Department was dispatched to an active structure fire located at 6220 Murray Drive (South Pointe Apartments) in Hanahan.  On scene, crews advised of heavy smoke coming from a second floor dwelling.  Command was established and requested a second alarm response from North Charleston Fire Department.

Crews were able to confine, contain and distinguish the fire.  North Charleston Fire Department units assisted in checking for fire extensions and clearing the building.

The root cause of the fire was a grease fire from a stove that was left unattended.  Two apartments received moderate damage while two units suffered light damage.

On scene units were:  Hanahan Engine 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, Medic 11, Bat1, F1, F2, NCFD Tower 203, NCFD Rescue 203, Bat205, Bat203.

Original Content:  Crews are responding to an active structure fire at South Pointe Apartments in Hanahan.  Please stay clear of the buildings and first responders working in the area.


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