Public Safety Day @ Fishburne Elementary School

The Head Start program asked Hanahan Police and Fire to come to their Public Safety Day and Fishburne Elementary School.  Children ages 3-5 received from first-hand knowledge on how a fire truck works, what a police dog can do and how all of the lights and sirens work.  It was a great day for not only the children, but for the City of Hanahan Employees that got to attend.

Traffic Advisory: Foster Creek Road / Juliet Drive CLOSED

Foster Creek Road at Juliet Drive is closed until further notice due to a water main break that has washed away portions of the roadway.

Hanahan Police Department, South Carolina Department of Transportation, Berkeley County Roads and Bridges and Charleston Water Systems are on scene working to get the repair completed.

We do not yet have an estimated time of completion although it’s expected to last majority of the day.

Update #1:  4/11/2018 @ 6am – The roadway is opened to through traffic.


Police Receive Trauma Kits

Charlie James from WTMA radio teamed up with his listeners in an effort to give back to the Law Enforcement Community.  Several agencies in the Lowcountry were given trauma kits today, as a result of donations received from radio listeners, Hanahan Police Department was one of those agencies.  Hanahan Police Department was given 20 trauma kits by WTMA radio with help from the Tri-county FOP Lodge #3.  The Hanahan Police Department thanks WTMA, Charlie James and all of the listeners out there.  Although we hope we never have to use one of these kits, having them, may just save a life.

K9 Bear Injury Update

K9 Bear is almost fully recovered and will be resuming his training by the end of the month. He has full use of his rear leg back and only a small issue with one of his toes remaining. He has been doing low impact activities like sniffing for drugs but nothing requiring running, jumping, or requiring a long period on his feet such as tracking.

His wounds have healed and he is eager to finish his training and begin serving The City of Hanahan.

Valley Drive Investigation

A number of our citizens have contacted the Hanahan Police Department regarding the police activity on Valley Drive yesterday, 03/15/2018.

The Hanahan Police Department, Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office and the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office assisted the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) in an active investigation SLED is conducting.

We want to ensure our citizens that there is no risk or danger to the general public and this is an isolated incident.  We have no further information to release on this incident as we are not the primary investigating agency.

We also want to remind citizens to stay clear of police activity.  Your presence often times hinders our investigation and can jeopardize your safety.  Our job is to keep the citizens safe within our community and deploying resources to keep the general public away from a police scene can slow the investigation.

Police Chief Dennis Turner
Hanahan Police Department

K9 Maverick Receives Certification

Congratulations to K-9 Maverick and his partner, Officer Dustin Allgood, on successfully completing their basic K-9 training this week. K-9 Maverick was certified this week by the North American Police Work Dog Association and is on patrol.

In regards to K-9 Bear, he is almost fully recovered from his recent injury and should be certified in the next couple of weeks.

I also want to congratulate the high school’s B-Team baseball team on tonight’s victory and don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of Officer Allgood and K-9 Maverick at the baseball games. Officer Allgood volunteers his personal time at the high school by serving as one of the B-Team’s coaches.

I want to thank Sergeant Jay Christmas of the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office for overseeing K-9 Maverick and K-9 Bear’s basic training. The police department appreciates all of your time and effort that has been spent over the past few months helping us improve the services our K-9 Unit provides to our citizens.

Chief Dennis Turner

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