The Hanahan Police Department wants to make you aware of a current telephone scam in order to prevent residents from becoming victims of crime. The scammer will call their targeted victim and explain that he or she is a lawyer or a police officer calling on behalf of a family member who has either been arrested or is about to be arrested. The caller will tell the victim that it’s necessary to wire money so a bond can be posted to keep the family member out of jail. The caller will tell the victim to go to a local big box department store and purchase several thousand dollars in gift cards; once that is done, the caller will have the victim provide the serial numbers for the gift cards as payment.

Attorneys do not accept payment in the form of gift cards. Additionally, the police will never tell you that a relative can pay money to avoid a criminal charge. These con artists are unscrupulous people.  They primarily target the elderly and will play on emotions to get money. If you ever get one of these phone calls, find out where the family member was supposedly arrested or is being detained, and call the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction.

Let us Know

You can also call the Hanahan Police Department’s non-emergency number, 843-747-5711.  We will send an officer to your residence to help investigate what is going on. We also ask that you call us if one of these scammers ever calls you so we can properly document the matter.

If you ever have concerns over possible scams or want to know what is going on where you live, you can contact me or other members of the police department directly.  We will provide you assistance and guidance.

Chief Dennis Turner
Hanahan Police Department