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Vehicle Break-In’s

In 2017, there were 112 vehicle break-in incidents reported to the Hanahan Police Department. Over 90% of these reported incidents involved criminals rummaging through or stealing property from unlocked vehicles; there were also many police reports filed for firearms being stolen from vehicles. This is concerning since it is very common for a stolen firearm to be used in the commission of a violent crime, not only in our city, but in other jurisdictions, as well.

The police department is asking citizens to please make sure you are locking your vehicle when it is not in use. People who leave their vehicle unlocked greatly increase the odds of becoming a victim of a property crime. Be sure not to leave any valuables, such as cell phones, money, garage door openers, or keys in plain view. This creates crimes of opportunity. We also cannot stress enough the importance of removing firearms from your vehicle.

One of the core principals of community-oriented policing is a partnership between law enforcement and those they serve. If you ever hear or see something that seems suspicious, please call 911 immediately, so a police officer can investigate.

Chief Turner

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