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Public Works Collection Update & Debris Information

Public Works Collection Update

The Public Works Department has been able to collect all normal household waste collections this week and will do so through Friday’s collections.  In the first three days this week we also collected 131 tons of yard debris which equates to our typical monthly totals.  The Department also brought in contract workers and ran 12 hour days during this time.  Our plans are to continue this effort through tomorrow and also run full crews dedicated to yard debris on Saturday.  If you have large piles and wood larger than 4” in diameter, those piles will be picked up exclusively by the county or state with specialized equipment.  Due to the storm and closure of the landfill we were unable to collect household waste last Thursday and Friday and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we complete those collections today and Friday.

Storm Debris

It is the responsibility of Berkeley County (along county roads) and SCDOT (state roads) to collect Storm Debris throughout Hanahan and Berkeley County.  We have been in contact with the State and County and they have each contracted with private vendors to handle collections throughout the county in coordination with FEMA.  We will share specific collection info. as it becomes available to us from the county and state.

Construction Debris

The county will have a container for construction debris in Otranto by the fire station this Saturday (10/15) from 9:00am-4:00pm.  A City of Hanahan employee will be on site to assist.


We’d like to thank our Public Works and Recreation Maintenance staffs for getting a jump start on collecting storm debris and also thank those that have expressed their appreciation and support for the crews.  We appreciate your patience during this time as we make every effort to bring our city back to order ASAP.

For more information, please visit the Public Works page on the city’s website at

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