Did you know that in SC, nearly all the roads are owned and maintained by either the SCDOT or the county in which they are located?

Potholes and roadway concerns are among the most common concerns raised by citizens. In SC, the SCDOT owns and maintains the vast majority of roadways throughout the state. Roads not owned and maintained by the SCDOT are typically owned and maintained by the counties. The remainder of the roads are either owned by a city, are private or owned by a community.

In Hanahan, the City of Hanahan does not own or maintain roads but we are able to help facilitate repair requests. If you see a pothole or roadway issue that has maintenance issues, you can report it to the city and we will facilitate getting the complaint submitted to the appropriate entity.  If you would like report roadway issues on your own, you can do so by identifying if it is a state road or county road.

SC Street Finder is a website that will help you identify who is responsible for the roadway where the issue. Once the responsible entity has been identified, you can use one of these websites to submit the information to the appropriate entity. Both Berkeley County and the SCDOT have road maintenance crews in the area on a regular basis. By submitting an issue, it helps them schedule their crews more efficiently.

SCDOT Work Request Website <– Click here

For Berkeley County maintained roads send an email to webrab@berkeleycountysc.gov or call (843) 723-3800 ext.4129

You can also check out Berkeley County Roads and Bridges’ website for additional information.


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