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RFP: Floodplan Management Assessment


Request for Proposal

City of Hanahan

Building and Codes Department

Floodplain Management Program Assessment

Community Rating System Coordinator Consultant

Hanahan Building and Codes Department
1255 Yeamans Hall Road
Hanahan, SC 29410

The City of Hanahan Building and Codes Department is seeking proposals for a Floodplain Management Program Assessment and a Community Rating System Coordinator Consultant.  The City of Hanahan is seeking to enroll in the Community Rating System (CRS) Program.  Responders are to review the list of criteria that Hanahan Building and Codes is looking for and put together a proposal that matches as closely as possible.  All responders must follow the requirements listed herein, have a valid business license, proof of insurance as required, and provide a warrantee covering workmanship and equipment.

Questions regarding scope of work should be directed to :  Larry Sturdivant, Building and Codes,, (843) 576-5260.

Proposal Requirements:

< Proposals must be returned no later than 2:00 pm, on October 29, 2014, to the City of Hanahan Attn. Michelle Lloyd 1255 Yeamans Hall Rd. Hanahan, SC 29410 Proposals will reflect the best and most current information and offer.  The City reserves the right to negotiate with bidders prior to final award.

< Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered and will be returned unopened to the bidders.

< All Proposals must be submitted in sealed envelopes that are clearly marked with the bid description (City of Hanahan Floodplain Management and CRS Program), Company name and representative, and return address on the outside.

< Bidders will submit 2 (Two) copies of their proposal.

For further information contact
Larry Sturdivant
Building and Codes Official

1255 Yeamans Hall Road
Hanahan, SC 29410

The City of Hanahan reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any informality or technicality, or to accept any proposal deemed to be in the best interests of the City.


It is the intent of this Request for Proposal to generally set forth the minimum acceptable requirements for the proposals to be submitted herein.  It is the intent of The City of Hanahan to choose a proposal based on compliance with items listed in item II.  The City of Hanahan may choose all, part, or none of the proposals.  The successful responder shall enter into a contract with the City.


Floodplain Management Program Assessment and Community Rating System Coordinator Consultant needs to have the following application listed below.  Provide information on each of the following aspects.

Processes and steps for evaluating current status of floodplain management.

Training of staff.

Means for providing technical support for CRS program.

Means for public outreach campaign.

Steps for maintaining, assembling, and coordinating records and documentation for the community’s CRS program.

Travel expenses



Proposals will be submitted in sealed envelopes, with the project title and proposer’s name clearly marked on the face of the envelope.    All proposals must be delivered by        2:00 P.M. (according to the clock of the City Recorder), October 29, 2014 to City Hall, In order to be considered, bidders must complete all requirements and submit the same on or before the specified time and date for proposal submittal.


Proposals must be signed by an authorized representative of proposer named thereon. The signature on the proposal will be interpreted to signify the proposer’s intent to comply with all of the terms, conditions, and specifications set forth in this Request for Proposal, unless specific exceptions are noted on the face of the proposal.


Proposals will be judged on the following:  ability which the proposal meets the needs of the City according to the needs of the Floodplain Management program and compliance for the City of Hanahan in the program, past and prior experience with clients using programs of this nature, compatibility, etc.  The City will be the sole judge as to which proposal, if any, is accepted.  Following the review of proposals, the City, at its sole discretion, may request interviews with, or presentations from, any or all responders.

The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.


The City reserves the right to reject any and all responses to this Request for Proposal.  The City reserves the right to waive any requirement set forth in this Request for Proposal.

Response to this Request for Proposal is at the responder’s sole risk and expense.  The City anticipates selecting one of the responders, but there is no guarantee that any responding proposal will be selected.

It is the City’s policy to encourage equal opportunity in its professional services and contracts.  The City endeavors to do business with responder’s that share the City’s commitment to equal opportunity, and will not do business with anybody that discriminates on the basis of race, religion, color, ancestry, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition, or place of birth. The City appreciates in advance the efforts that responders will make and looks forward to participating with bidders in the selection process.

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