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Tanner Plantation Trail Update

UPDATE: Trail width has been expanded from 8′ to 10′ !

Total Project Cost is $354,225.30 (SCDOT Enhancement Grant $257,618.40, Berkeley County Matching Funds $66,400, and City of Hanahan Matching Funds $30,206.90)


Owner:  City of Hanahan
Project:  Hanahan Comprehensive Trail – Phase 1
Reporting Period: 01/01/2015 to 01/31/2015

Period Activities

  1. Submitted Responses to SCDOT review comment of the Prelim Plans
  2. Continued design and plan prep for Final Plans
  3. Coordinating easement agreement with Santee Cooper
  4. Progressing NEPA documentation to SCDOT

Sub consultant Activities


Schedule, Milestones or Submittals

SCDOT comments to Prelim Plans was more extensive thatn anticipated considering CDM Smith met with SCDOT Bike/Ped department during preliminary plans development and believe that SCDOT concerns were identified.  CDM Smith originally planned to resolve comments and submit Final plans by the end of January 2014, but plan preparation has taken longer than expected.  Plans are anticipated to be submitted the second week in February 2015.


Project is still operating within contract budget, but Roadway design staff hours remain high as a result of addressing SCDOT comments originally thought to be resolved during preliminary design development.  However, fees for several tasks besides RWY were completed under budget (SVY, HYD), so moving hours between tasks will be performed to make up for the extended RWY effort.

Planned Activities Next Period

  1. Submit Final Plans to SCDOT for review
  2. Submit easement agreement to Santee Cooper for approval
  3. Finalize NEPA and SCDOT permits and submit for approval
  4. Prepare and submit draft bid documents for review.

Significant Issues and Resolutions

  1. Approval of easement agreement from Santee Cooper.

Needs from the BCDCOG

None at this time





This information was copied from a PDF the organization CDM Smith posted for the January 2015 monthly report



Tanner Walking Trail

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