hanahan-overview-map-googleThe City of Hanahan is located in the southeast region of South Carolina, in the centralized part of the greater Charleston area.  It is located along Interstate 26 in Berkeley County and is bordered by the City of Goose Creek to the north and the City of North Charleston to the south and west.  Located a short distance from area beaches and historic downtown Charleston, Hanahan is an ideal place to live, work and raise a family.


Christmas ParadeThe second largest municipality in Berkeley County, Hanahan’s population has grown nearly 40 percent (39.1%) in the last decade, only second to the Town of Summerville, when compared to surrounding municipalities. More significantly, the City has seen an overall population increase of 115 percent over the last forty years. This trend is likely to continue, as it is anticipated that Hanahan’s resident population will exceed 24,000 by 2035, a 35 percent increase over the next 25 years.


Growth in Hanahan’s housing supply has been consistent with its population growth.  Historically known as a bedroom community, Hanahan offers a variety of housing types in a wide range of prices.  As of the 2010 Census, nearly 60 percent of the City’s housing stock was single-family units, 32 percent multi-family units, and 8.5 percent were mobile homes.  The median value of owner-occupied housing units was $184,300, and median for rental units was $808/month.

The area between Yeamans Hall Road and Remount Road contains the largest percentage of housing built before 1960 in the County [Berkeley].


Historically Hanahan was seen primarily as a residentail community, one whose employment growth and economic development were largely dependent upon the economic activity of the Greater Charleston Area.  This has changed in recent years, however, as the City’s economic foundation has grown and become more diverse, with an array of science, manufacturing, and distribution companies, furthering Hanahan’s ability to grow economically.

Community Facilities

The City of Hanahan offers residents a number of recreational facilities and locations, which include over twenty field and/or parks supporting a variety of both active and passive sports.  In addition, the City has a Senior Center that offers a variety of programs and services to Hanahan Seniors.

According to a recent survey, 67% of survey participants agree or strongly agree that the City of Hanahan provides high quality public services, including police and fire protection.

Natural and Cultural Resources

Hanahan has a rich history and an abundance of natural and cultural resources, all of which provide many benefits to the community, help to identify the City’s distinctive character, and help to promote civic pride and a sense of community.  This includes sites of historical significance such as Yeamans Hall Plantation, Otranto Plantation, Bowen’s Corner, and an array of places of worship, community events and organizations, and scenic resources.

Hanahan also has a diverse natural environment consisting of creeks, wetlands, and other sensitive environmental areas, all of which serve as an essential environmental resource, and have multiple and diverse functions ranging from providing natural habitat for wildlife to improving water quality and providing flood protection.

Land Use

The City of Hanahan has a variety of land uses comprising its nearly 7,417 acres, with the largest single use being conservation/recreation at 31%.  Of this, approximately 53 percent are designated wetlands, which provide the City with public benefits like improving water quality and providing flood protection as well as supporting ecosystems for wildlife.  These benedits have diminished, however, due to residential development, which is the next single largest land use with 24%.

Other uses:  Military @ 12%; infrastructure/utilities @ 9.3%; water @ 8%; undeveloped/vacant land @ 7%; industrial @ 5%; office/general commercial @ 1%.

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