Winter Storm 2018 Information

Update #11 – (January 7th 3:44pm) URGENT: Charleston Water System is performing an emergency shut in the following area: Murray Drive (between River Road and Recess Road). 75 customers are effected with two hydrants. Estimated repair time, 6:00pm.

Update #10 – (January 7th 3:30pm) Traffic Advisory: South Carolina Department of Transportation has closed Foster Creek Road from Deerberry Road to Snake Road until tomorrow. SCDOT will re-evaluate the roadway tomorrow morning, January 8th.

Update #9 – (January 6th 4:04pm)  Dickson Avenue is iced over. Please use extreme caution. SCDOT has been notified to treat the roadway.

Update #8 – (January 6th 12:19pm) Foster Creek Road at Deerberry Road (Briarwood subdivision) is closed.  River Road from Murray Avenue to Fishburne is closed.  Many spots still have lots of ice.  Drive times will be impacted.  Please watch out for public safety personnel and road crews attempting to make roadways passable.

Update #7 – (January 5th 8:03pm)  Tannerford Blvd. is closed to through traffic.  Police are allowing residents to pass, one vehicle at a time due to the rapidly degrading road conditions.

Update #6 – (January 5th 4:18pm) Although there are plenty of icy roads, we do not have any closures at this time.

Update #5 – (January 5th 2:40pm) Tanner Ford Blvd. current conditions.


Update #4 – (January 5th 12:30pm) Foster Creek Road from Kensington subdivision to Goose Creek Primary School is closed due to the road conditions.

Update #3 – Offices will be closed on Friday, January 5th due to road conditions.  Our offices will remain closed until Monday, January 8th and we will be operating on a normal status.

Trash collection / yard debris will be operating on a normal schedule the week of January 8th – 12th.  If you have any questions regarding this, you may contact our Public Works department at 843-529-3413.

Update #2 – Offices will be closed on Thursday, January 4th due to road and weather conditions.  We will be operating at OPCON4 and will have essential staff with increased public safety personnel.  Should you need assistance, please contact us at 843-747-5711.

Update #1 – Offices will be closed on Wednesday, January 3rd due to the weather conditions in the area.  Essential personnel have been called in with increased staffing levels for Police and Fire personnel.  We will be operating at OPCON4 effective 1500.

For more information and up to date information regarding road closures, weather conditions, etc. please follow us on our social media platforms at FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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